Cruelty to Caterpillars

This morning, when I was getting ready to go to Macau I went around my garden and say good-bye to the troops. Despite the humid weather and constant rain the green off springs of the butterflies were at work. “Were,” is the correct word to use as when I have spotted them I had to do the right thing for my plants, which is to spray soap-water on them.

I use a Carson soap bar, shave the soap with a potatoe peeler and mix them with water in a water spraying bottle, and spray away with impunity. The green worms curled up and shivered and then lied motionless. I can’t watch as it’s becoming on the edge of cruelty. I simply export them to oblivion. 

Having read Nye’s post today about the organic insecticide she mixed with sadao, I am inclined to try it on my garden. But, where can Ifind sadao in Hong Kong? Besides insecticides for organic growing, I would also suggest growing alternative plants in the patch. For example, I have found that by growing basil among the vegetables butterflies are less likely to visit the patch. May be it because of the strong aroma, I am not sure but it’s worth trying.