Launch of New Site

Today is the launch of this new site for the slow food and slow farming experience. I call this my "Really Slow Cottage" experience. In the recent issue of Sai Kung Magazine a reader was fretting that there isn't much written material available in Hong Kong for growing and gardening that takes into consideration of the... Continue Reading →

Cruelty to Caterpillars

This morning, when I was getting ready to go to Macau I went around my garden and say good-bye to the troops. Despite the humid weather and constant rain the green off springs of the butterflies were at work. "Were," is the correct word to use as when I have spotted them I had to do the right thing... Continue Reading →

Backyard Garden Against Nature

As I was writing about the weather in my last post, the extreme wet humidity in the last week, and then the wetness went away with humidity dropped to 70%, but temperature also dropped from 19C to 12C. What can I do? Nothing! One has to live with nature, that may be why our ancestors consult the Almanac... Continue Reading →

“Move Earth” Says the Chinese Almanac

The Chinese Almanac, which our agricultural ancestors had use throughout the last two thousand years to give advice about planting, has indicated the last two days would be auspicious days for “moving earth” and “start trading”. It’s so happened that these are the wettest days of the month, up to 95% humidity, and you can... Continue Reading →

Sustainable Growing and Consuming of Local Produce

The seed of what is happening has been germinating for quite a while ... and I don't mean for plants. It's about a resource book for the home gardeners on growing herbs and vegetables for Hong Kong and Macau region. I have been reseraching for books in the library on topics of vegetible and herbs growing for the... Continue Reading →

State of Art Hospitality in Macau

From the image of serene lotus pad to that of a Brazilian daner's baroque display of feathers and head-gear, these were some of the descriptions used for the shape of Hotel Grand Lisboa’s superstructure. The Grand Lisboa is the second tallest building in Macau. You can feel the omnipresence of the casino/hotel because the building... Continue Reading →

Sofitel Macau

I questioned the reasons for planting a hotel at the site of Sofitel, in Ponti 16, of Macau. There doesn't seemed to be any major tourist attractions, and it's hard to get to and to get around. The service though has been very friendly and it had been the site of the old gambling boat,... Continue Reading →

What is this post?

New addition to this blog is to keep a journal on how to build an edible garden in Hong Kong and Macau. Be it a window box, a balcony, a kitchen counter or a backyard lot, oh, and hydroponics too. To write about the red wine, or the white wine for that effect, culture in... Continue Reading →

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