“Move Earth” Says the Chinese Almanac

The Chinese Almanac, which our agricultural ancestors had use throughout the last two thousand years to give advice about planting, has indicated the last two days would be auspicious days for “moving earth” and “start trading”. It’s so happened that these are the wettest days of the month, up to 95% humidity, and you can... Continue Reading →

Sustainable Growing and Consuming of Local Produce

The seed of what is happening has been germinating for quite a while ... and I don't mean for plants. It's about a resource book for the home gardeners on growing herbs and vegetables for Hong Kong and Macau region. I have been reseraching for books in the library on topics of vegetible and herbs growing for the... Continue Reading →

Chinese Wine Given Top Honour by Decanter World Wine Award

Out of 12,000 wines entered, only 25 were awarded at the Decanter World Wine Award and He Lan Qing Xue score top mark in the Red Bordeaux Varietal over 10 pound category. The wine is not for sale outside of China and I have not try the wine but rest assured the Chinese connoisseurs will be... Continue Reading →

Dining in Beijing

Quite unlike my previous experience with this capital city when I was a frequent traveller to Beijing the dispassionate manner of the shop keepers has definitely changed. The tourist’s attractions are now filled with aggressive shop employees touting something to you. I went with Kuei to Hou Hai and Sanlitun, both restaurants and bars area,... Continue Reading →


After more than twenty years living in Hong Kong, Annabel is still home sick when Sussex is mentioned in conversations. So when we were invited to the Ridgeview Wine Estate wine tasting at Berry Bros last night Annabel was especially excited. One long draw on the nose with a glass of Bloomsbury, Ridgeview’s signature blend,... Continue Reading →

Steve James Viticulturist Talks About Wine in Watson’s Cellar

True to form, Steve talks about wine drinking in the most down to earth manner. He uses the ‘bottle test’ to measure a good wine. He said, “If you open a bottle of wine and you can finish it in one meal between two persons,” it has to be pretty good. I was invited to... Continue Reading →

Le Chene Marchand in FCC

Yesterday, I was bantering about ideas of a new wine and food book with Annabel at the FCC. To put our ideas into perspective, of course, we have to take words into action. She chose a bottle of Sancerre ala 2008 le Chene Marchand of Domaine Lucin Crochet from the menu. To preserve the wholesome... Continue Reading →

Dinner at Dan Ryan

Tonight we had dinner at Dan Ryan in the Festival Walk. The restaurant is having a wine promotion: For white wine there are (1) Maple Ridge, Chardonnay 2007 at $65 per glass, and $180 per bottle, and (2) Ceviche, Sauvignon Blanc 2009 at $58 per glass, and $160 per bottle. For red wine they serve... Continue Reading →

Red Beans with Chili and Basil

Yesterday, I harvested some Chinese red beans from my garden. Tossed them with some bean sprout, tofu from the market. To add to the taste I picked a red chili several leaves of basil, also from the garden, and mixed with garlic and ginger (chopped) to quickly stir fried them. I served the stir fry... Continue Reading →

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