About Me : My partner and I are interested to get off the grid, so we try to learn how in the backyard of the busiest city of Hong Kong … [ read more ]

Like everything in life, my focus on things changes. I started this blog to write about the red wine drinking culture and trends in China and then as I meet more people in the wine and food industry they introduced me to the slow food movement, including biodynamic wine growing. I then followed up to reserach more on the slow food philosophy of terra merdre – eating locally – and look for books on what to grow and how to grow, for own consumption, vegetables in China, Hong Kong and Macau. I’d find very few. So I decided to build the resources on my own and keep a journal on all that I can grow in my backyard garden as well as the trials and tribulations of building a hydroponics system in my garden. Then, I found aquaponics which is the latest thinking in growing sustainabily and locally in a fish and plants symbiotic ecosystem. After reseraching for a couple of months in how to build a system (thanks to all the people who are willing to share their experience online), I have put together the parts required to build a prototype aquaponics system on my balcony.

I hope you will enjoy the journey and writing. If you are interested in more information please feel free to comment and ask questions. Sharing is the best way to learn.

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