Aquaponics Systems in Hong Kong

It took me the whole of last week but I have finally built a prototype of aquaponics system on my balcony. I also spent about an hour and a half yesterday to shop for my fish. After walking around for more than an hour I’ve decided the best fish to add for my system is six six-month old Koi fish. They are colourful, resilient and easy to take care of.

As Sylvia Bernstein in her Aquaponic Gardening book said, the fish is the power and the fun of the system. My partner and I spent hours looking at the auto syphon flushing water from the boxes and how happy the fish come up to greet us when we feed them in the morning afternoon and evening. They are like our children now, that we will go out on the balcony to check on first thing in the morning and the last thing to do before going to bed.

Just look at them,

fish in the barrel
fish in the barrel




Transplanted them two days ago and new leaves are appearing already.

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