Frost Bite Basil Plant

The weather has finally let up today. In the last few days it had been raining, fog covered and with temperature in the mid-teen, which I hardly think was frosty conditions. I did not get out and check the seedlings for three days, particularly I was travelling to Macau for Thursday and Friday, and yesterday it was so foggy it was almost like from the scenes of “The Fog” (by Joe Caepenter, 1980, and then remake by Rupert Waiwright, 2005), so I stayed inside all day.

I went out on my balcony this morning, to check on the troops and especially to change and clean the boxes. It was then that I realized about a third of the basil seedling had turned brown and died. That was strange, because they were growing very healthily and some second leaves were coming out, but when I inspected the compost I found a layer of ice on top and that, I suppose, was what had killed my seedlings.

Today, the weather offers the plants a brief reprieve to stretch their leaves and roots. I cleaned the boxes of the nutirent solution and left them empty, for one or two day until the substrate become dry, so that the roots can take up some air. I covered the lid for the basil seedlings, hoping that it will keep the compost warm as the daylight is providing some sort of radiation to heat up the chamber. I will re-inspect them again later this evening to determine if any further actions might be required.

The weather forecast is for raining patches and 85%-90% humidity to continue for next week until Thursday. The temperature is dropping to low-teens again, so I need to be more vigilant with protecting the seedlings.

The brighter side is a report of good health with the endive and red leaves lettuce. Leading the race, though, continues to be by those plants raised in perlite, with eggplants on perlite delivering a few nice speciments. The squash flowers had a hard time with the rain and some flowers had broken off the stem so no luck for any pollination. I will need to germinate more seedling for the summer crop. May be tomorrow, I can do that.

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