Backyard Garden Against Nature

As I was writing about the weather in my last post, the extreme wet humidity in the last week, and then the wetness went away with humidity dropped to 70%, but temperature also dropped from 19C to 12C. What can I do? Nothing! One has to live with nature, that may be why our ancestors consult the Almanac to have an equalization force with nature.

Unfortunately, my zucchini flower died without a chance to be fertilized. Therefore no zucchini fruit from that flower. But, I am not totally discouraged as there are many more on their way. In general, that is why we need to have the weather on our side, preferably with sustained low twenty and mild humidity for the plants to flower and for the worker bees to cross-pollinate the flowers.

Zucchini is a summer squash and is in the Cucurbitaceae family (genre) and their flowers can be cross pollinated. To get a pure breed for future planting one must be very careful not to have other species of the same genre to pollinate the flower, however, pollinating the flower for fruiting purpose it’s alright. I have in my garden now different squash, gourd and pumpkin plants and their flowers can be use for pollination with each other. All I need is a good spell of upper teens temperature and sunshine to enable the bees to work.

Having said that, the other morning I’ve found a bunch of illegal vegetable harvesters on my cauliflower and choi shum. How they got into my cauliflower i have no idea because the pot was fenced off with chicken wire. I will have to investigate that later. In the mean time, they were having a whale of good time at my expense, gorging on my fruits of hard work. So I called in the spade patrol, and the green fellows are promptly catapulted to the nearest domain.

Don’t think that I am not fond of the off springs of the butterflies, as they are beautiful to look at when they are grown up, and they are useful to spinner of silk, but they just eat so much and deprived of my family the fruits of my labour. So if it is between them and my familyof couse I will have to choose my own family.

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  1. If you don’t have too many plants to pollinate don’t wait for the weather or bees-visit your flowers with a cotton bud and spread the love.

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