Zucchini Flower Opens Today

The seed for this plant was sewn on 3 December last year in a propagator. Each pod was filled by perlit in the base about 1 cm high and then filled up with scientific compose I bought from the Flower Market.

The seedling popped up about 1 week later and by early January it was strong enough so I transplanted the seedling into a pot and raised it in a hydroponic unit.

Last night when I come home, I saw the flower about to open and was hoping that it will this morning. I am not disappointed. Too bad though, dispite it’s about 19C outside it’s raining and so the bees are not working today. I would need more flowers opening anyway to pollinate this plant.

Quickly, I must work, to get the hydroponic bench built and automatic drip pump working.

Actually, since my last report, there’s more salad and flower seedlings coming online to be transplanted. It’s going to be a bountiful season if we continue this pace.

Jocelyn and Ewout on their rooftop garden

On a different note, I went to visit Jocelyn and Ewout last week and had an interesting tour of their rooftop garden. They are participants of the Slow Food Hong Kong movement.

Ewout uses an organic compost bought from the market and grow from seeds sprinkled on the compost. With the richness of the compost and the perfect sunny position on the roof the seedlings are having a wild party out there. Without a doubt, I shall be paying a return visit to their home in a couple of months to sample the deliciously grown products. 

I am particularly impressed that after our conversation, when I told Ewout that I do regularly visit the refuse center near home to savage material to build growing boxes, he actually went out with me to shop at the “bargain basement”. Low and behold, he’s found two discarded plastic shelf units in the waste collection center.

With a couple of holes in the bottom of each drawer for drainage, I said, you can grow even more goodies. Oh, I forgot to add, perhaps a coat of paint too to make each box more interesting. It is truly, “One person’s garbage can be another’s treasure.”