Planting for the new year

On Tuesday, I planted a dozen of seeds for flowers and food in the seed tray, using only perlite and because the temperature was in the single digit I decided to keep the tray indoor and covered with plastic lid.

Today the air has warmed up to mid teens and sun had came through so I put the trays outside on the balcony and uncover the lids. Several of the seeds already showing tiny roots. Only 3 days!

This is first of the batch of seeds I will be growing and reporting for this year of the Dragon.

Following are the seeds, which are available from the local markets:

  1. Portulaca – Dazzle Doubles
  2. Delphinium – Pacific Giants
  3. Calendua – Pacific Beauty
  4. Sunflower – Yellow Empress
  5. Danshen – Chinese plant
  6. Florist Cineraria  – Chinese plant
  7. Cany Tuft – Fairy mixed
  8. Pansy – Roggli Giants
  9. Portulaca – Sunny Boy
  10. Nasturtium – Cherry Rose
  11. Nemophila – Baby Blue Eyes
  12. California Poppy – Sunshine mixed
  13. Lettuce – Green Mignonette
  14. Snow Peas – Ho Lan Dow
  15. Radicchio – Salad Veg

Don’t forget to cover them in the evening.

Sustainable Growing and Consuming of Local Produce

The seed of what is happening has been germinating for quite a while … and I don’t mean for plants. It’s about a resource book for the home gardeners on growing herbs and vegetables for Hong Kong and Macau region.

Bitter Gourd grown from seed harvested from fruit bought in the market.

I have been reseraching for books in the library on topics of vegetible and herbs growing for the local climate and found very few. What I could find was written many years ago and was not useful for the present setting. So I am going to start blogging here about my own effort in building a sustainable organic garden in Hong Kong. I am also going to use simple materials from local hardware stores and notably from the Ikea stores to build a hydroponics growing system on our balcony.

Time premit I will update this blog more frequently (hopefully at least once a week) and whenever I have made major progress in the building of my edible garden.